“We’re going to paint on these dinky little things!?” cried out Mrs. K (referring to the mini canvases). “Well, this should be interesting…” Mrs. K is a very vocalized woman; she says exactly what is on her mind. I love that about her. She’s been coming to my Art Therapy classes for a while now.

I love watching people get into “the zone” or “meditation”. Their faces relax and soften, and their lips turn upwards ever so slightly.

One gentleman talked to me about how he used to paint all the time and he didn’t realize how much he had missed it. Watching him paint was a delight; he certainly entered into his own little world. He also talked about how his wife had been an artist as well and the two of them would often paint together in their younger days. Haha too cute.

Everyone discussed who they would give their mini trees to… “I’m not giving mine to anyone! I’m keeping it on my night stand” boasted Mrs.K 😉

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